Thursday, November 16, 2006

It's Bon Jour, and it means hello in French

Somehow, Harrison has decided that "BAN JUR!" Is some sort of brother beating battle cry.

Although to my 1 year of French Class ears, it sounds awfully close to "Bon Jour!" I could be totally wrong on the language of origin, and he may be saying "You are gonna get a big beating" in say, Sanskrit. Who knows, do you?

So, as for my sick, sick, Mama, she's got the Hepatitis. Yep, her and Pamela Anderson are rocking the same lifestyle. Yes, Mom had a biopsy and a boob job. We're from Michigan, she could also be dating Kid Rock. Heeheehee

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Carina said...

Now, that's just funny. I'm still giggling. I wonder where he got it from.

I got a mention on Yarn Harlot's blog today. Wow!!!

This evening's better. I hope your day isn't entirely awful and hard. I'm so sorry she's gone.