Wednesday, November 15, 2006

If you ask a kid to say something funny...

If you ask Cyrus to say something funny, he goes with "toilet." I have to admit, that's a good one. It's far superior to the knock-knock/why'd the chicken cross the road hybrid the boys have developed.

Knock, knock
Whose there?
Chicken crossed the road!

See, not funny. Repeated numerous times, even less funny.

As a Holly employement update, I did not get fired, growl at customers, or make an ass out of myself while working on Saturday. I did pimp out the sweaters, and down vests. I may have thanked a person or two for shopping at Record Town, but hey, who listens to the greeter anyway.


Carina said...

It would make my day if someone would thank me for shopping at the wrong store. How ironic and fun! I'm sure you made them giggle later, and how cool is that?

Toilet is better than the "Heh-heh, Mommy said butt" line I hear pretty much every day.

Anonymous said...

SUPER toilet!

Holly Bee said...

Ah! Super toilet, it still works!