Thursday, November 09, 2006

He exercised too much

Our family joined the YMCA...that's your cue to sing and make an ass of yourself. At first I was worried that we would just be wasting money, but I didn't realize they had childcare.

While I walked around the track and had a group of mentally challenged men throw basketballs at me, it was sort of like a bizarre dodge ball training course, the little boys were at the Tot Spot. Yes, I was trying to decide if I could walk, knit and dodge basketballs, all while my kids were having a lovely time playing with toys and catching the common cold.

After I picked the boys up, Cy ran ahead to open the door. With one mighty pull his massive baby Ogre strength tore the handle clean off. Poor Cy stood there holding the handle, amazed by his own burliness.

I thought this was horribly funny, luckily so did the Y staff. I had Cy take the handle up to the registration ladies. He thumped it up on the counter and said "I exercised too much, look at my muscles."

They laughed and asked him to flex. Cy went into full show off mode and made sure they could also see his dimple, because he "looks cuter when he is happy and the dimp is showing."


Anonymous said...

That sounds like Cy. It's just going to get worse, the older he gets. Next thing you know, he'll pull a door right off its hinges. ;)

What's with the dodgeball? I thought we all outgrew that hideous sport. Weird.

Holly Bee said...

I love Dodgeball! If anyone would like to get a league together, I am so there.

Also, did you know that there is a roller derby team in Kzoo? I really would like to try out. I want to be the boogery something.

It wasn't really dodgeball, it was handicapable people throwing basketballs at me to see if I would roll them back to them.

Anonymous said...

I did know about the dodgeball team! They have a myspace page and they wanted Annie (yes my cat has a myspace page - I am indeed White and Nerdy) to be one of their friends and supporters!
I love this story!!! How great!

Holly Bee said...

go annie, it's your dodge day! with the one eye, you'll kick hienie!

Ok, that's all I got.