Friday, November 10, 2006

Facing the Y

Yep, I plan to return to the Y. Although I am pretty sure that either Marshall, my father in law, or the snot (as much as we love snot) nosed kids at the Y made baby Owen sick.

I have an appointment at the Y to learn how to use the dreaded Fitness Center. Here I can safely walk on the treadmills without fear of being pummeled by basketballs. But I will be surrounded by firm buttocks, and people who really exercise. Tough choice, I know.

Also, a quick cabbage as big as my head update. My kitchen smells not so good. I have to cook that beast today, or we may never recover from the stench. Makes you want some, doesn't it.

Finally, I must be having a serious reaction to posting a photo of Patrick Swayze without Keanu. All I can think about is Point Break. TBS has really been slacking. I don't think I've seen it at all this month. I may have to actually break down and buy it on DVD. It's so weird to watch the theatre release version after years of the clean TBS version.

"Johnny's got his own demons. Don't ya, Johnny." See, that's just funny.

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