Friday, November 03, 2006

Do you think it's a cold day in Hell?

As I sit here saving energy and freezing my hienie off, I wonder is it cold in Hell today too? I shall check the weather and promptly report...

Well, apparently does not believe in Hell, they won't give me a weather report. I know there is a Hell, Michigan. They also have a Damnation University there. Huh, the mystery deepens...get it.

Ok, I went to Wikipedia, they know about everything, and they told me about Hell, and it is in fact colder in Hell, than it is here.

Knitted Door Draft
Knit a really long sweater sleeve in the round, your choice of yarn and color-see Elizabeth Zimmermann for inspiration, she's a God. Stuff with, rice, polyfil, cherry pits, anything you've got lying around. Sew up ends. Put by door. Save money, the environment and maybe the world.

So, saving energy. What can you do? Although my pattern for a knitted Door Draft may have been a bit snarky, it really works. You know you have yarn either left over from a project, or something you just won't use, but hate to get rid of. Knit it up, fill it up and block those drafts.
Just make sure you use needles a bit smaller than the recommended to get a nice tight fabric.

What else can you do to save energy, knit, and stay warm? Well, don't knit socks, they aren't big enough to keep you warm!

Now is the time to switch over to large projects. Like, say, an Ogre sweater. If I were to knit a sweater for a 25 stone Ogre, I would have two afghans worth of knitting on my lap and could turn the furnace down 5 degrees.

I think there is some sort of knitting to energy savings conversion chart I need to develop in that.


Holly Bee said...

Yes, it's lame to comment on my own post, but it's bloody cold in here. Where's my new, zippered cardigan? Ah, much better.

me said...

That's a good idea to stop the drafts, we should try that.

Holly Bee said...

Ok, Me! What will you be filling your draft stopper with?

I would like to use Zombie parts, but they keep wiggling.

KnittingBlueContent said...

You have such a knack for taking the obvious and making it interesting.

Case in point?

Door draft catcher.

Seen 'em. Like 'em. Sometimes wonder where one goes to buy 'em. Never buys 'em oneself.

Then you come along.

Now all of a sudden I'm all about figuring out how many I need to knit for my house and which yarns from the stash will work.

Final number is six. Two door-doors, two sliding glass doors and hell, windows too! Why not?

As I knit them I'll be wearing my pjs inside out, with spoons under my pillow, knitting in Anti Zombie mojos to keep the undead on the other side of my windows and doors.

You're infectious! Must be all the snot, lol.