Thursday, November 16, 2006

Cookie Flowers and Jimmy Buffett

Our lovely friends got us these lovely flowers. Yes, they are in fact cookie flowers. The Ogre noted that they are irises, which are his favorite flowers, cookie or otherwise.
Really, he has a favorite flower. He also has a large iris and peony garden in the front lawn. Yep, I will take photos with him/them in the spring. It's all very touching.

Anyway, please note in the second photo where the cookies are currently living. No, not inside my belly. Look beyond the mess of our laundry room, move your eyes up.
Yes, the Ogre hid the cookies from the boys in such a way that even with a chair for assistance, and tiptoeing (through the tulips?) atop the washer, I can't get the darn things down. Believe me, I tried.
Now, you may be wondering about the Jimmy Buffett part. I had a dream that I was back stage at an indoor Jimmy Buffett concert, weird right. Wait, there's more. I had Owen strapped to me in a baby carrier, and a rum drink in both hands. Yes, I had my baby, and two rum drinks, and I was looking for the bathroom.
The lesson I have learned from the dream is...the Parrottheads all drink Margaritas not because of the song, but because Rum drinks cause more urination. Then something about not being a good mom. Or, I can find a bathroom anywhere, even in my sleep.

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