Sunday, November 19, 2006

Camping Reservations

That's right, I said camping reservations. For next year baby!

Yep, pigs love dirt and Ogres love rain, so camping on Mother's Day weekend is my gift to them. Actually, it's their gift to me, but they think it's for them, so it's still win-win.

Oh, I do hope it rains the whole time again. It's a great family reminder. A reminder of what you ask? Well, later in the year when we think we can't do something because the weather is crappy, we remember how much fun we had hiking in the pouring rain. See, that's how we avoid crowds.

Along with rain, Ogres can't stand crowds. It's just me being smart and taking advantage of the Ogre and Pigs' strengths. With strengths being loving rain and filth, it's good to know when to play to these strenths. Neither are good at say a formal dinner, a wedding, or anything involving the color white. But camping, hiking, fishing, or lumber jack training, We've got it covered.


dee's brother said...

Camping?? In the rain??? YUK! My idea of roughing it is black & white TV and a "turn dial" microwave!

Holly Bee said...

Well, did I forget to mention we will be in a mini cabin?

It may be mini, but it's got heat, and 'lectricity