Monday, November 27, 2006

Bowling with Snot?

I may have had some snot on me at the bowling alley, but that's just how I ride, or bowl, or knit, or function.

I actually had a rocking good time at the ol' Airway Lanes. Having grown up in the Creek, I am used to crazy dark Nottke's, and smoke so thick you need an airmask to breathe.

I was pleasantly surprised by Airway. It was brightly lit, and had a mondo game room. I also hear rumors of "Great Kid Parties" and bumper cars.

Kat totally covered my bowling fees, and went to the bar to get me bowling juice (beer). Bartenders scare me. The whole tip thing is weird too. I don't give the Ogre a dollar everytime he gets a beer out of the fridge for me, why should I give one to a complete stranger? They should totally just let you bring in your own beer, then charge a per lane fridge fee.

Oh, I am so not talking about the bowling part! I was subbing for superstar bowler Jill. So my sad, sad, 113, 92, and 100 was pretty pathetic. But I was at least cheerful, and, and, good at eating Kat's food, and drinking beer. Oh, and bowling gutters.


Anonymous said...

hah! With scores like that you had to inherit your bowling skills from your father...your Mom's a pretty good bowler!
"bowling juice", I like that...

Holly Bee said...

yep, bowling juice. makes bad bowling feel better.