Tuesday, November 21, 2006

$75 of ear wax removal

Yep, Sugar Baby is sick again, or still. Either way, I feel pretty crappy about the whole thing.

He has tonsilitis, again or still, and now a sinus infection. Right, the cough that he has is just a cough.

But the cool thing is...his Dr removed $75 worth of earwax from his head, ok ears. Still doesn't that sound like a crazy amount of money for earwax removal? Actually, it was pretty frightening. She had this giant plastic needle thing, and was digging out junk from Owee's ear, and Cyrus was standing behind her spinning. I think the high charge was because of Cyrus. I think I would charge more if I had to perform snot removal with Cy threatening to fall into me at any moment.

Cy told the Dr upon arrival, "I don't get a flu shot, it's for my Mom." Always sharing the love. I did actually get a flu shot today though. Just not at the Peds office.

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