Wednesday, November 29, 2006

10 Days till Disney! Whatever will I knit?

We are packed, and more than ready to go! Disney take my money away!

What will I knit? I usually work on socks on flights. Ha! I usually work on not barfing on flights! But I still need the sweet, sweet comfort provided by yarn. Besides, if this turns into a LOST situation and we end up on a crazy, evil, corporate-sponsored island I'm going to be wicked mad if I don't have some knitting. Yep.

Uh, speaking of knitting, I totally did not get the yarn for the experimental-jetset-superstar scarf that needs to be done by Friday for the Grange Bazaare. I will overcome! Ok, I will get off my rump, out of the sweatpants and start knitting.

Home Grange #129's annual Swiss Steak Supper and Bazaar. It's all beefy swiss steak, and homemade mashed potatoes downstairs and crazy cheap (price, not make) home made items for sale upstairs.

If you are in the Battle Creek area, check it out Home Grange #129 Somewhere out on B drive south (about 4 miles east of M66)

December 1st and 2nd. Dinner on the 1st from 4:30-7:00, with the Bazaar open at noon. December 2nd the Bazaar is open 11:00-3:00


dee's brother said...

Holly - I have a suggestion for you. I am not sure what all your Disney package includes...but their are some nice resturants in the park. You can go on the Disney web-site and call for nice thing is dinner with Cinderella and her court. But, you have to get reservations ahead of if that stuff wasn't included in your package....I would call now and set your lunch and dinner reservations....don't wait until you get here.

Holly Bee said...

Way ahead of you my friend! We went with the Dining Package and already have reservations!!

We are so going to take advantage of the Mouse! I still think the Mouse is actually paying for dinner, and we are putting out though.

dee's brother said...

Pray to the MOUSE...all hail the MOUSE!

Anonymous said...

Can you even take knitting needles on an airplane? Aren't they deadly weapons?

Oooh, three hours of sitting still with no knitting . . . Can you even stand the possibility?


Holly Bee said...

Yes, knitting needles are allowed on planes. If you look at the Federal Airlines regulation #42 you will see that, I am completely full of crap. But the needles thing is true, just no cutting devices.

But, we found out while in Philly that the cutter on dental floss works on yarn too. I'd knit with two pens if I had to! Don't make me look crazy.