Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Weed Burgers

Ok, if you were to go to google and search for info on the Burger King Weed on "berger" you get this very site! Oh, my! What does that say about Knit with Snot for You? I need to lay off the weed, and work on the knitting? Or does it imply that many people in America need to work on their spelling skills? Burger, as in hamburger, is spelled with "u" not "e" as in Berger, our dog. I, like the people who can't spell, use the word weed, because marijuana is really long and I am bound to spell it wrong if I need to discuss pot.

Now that I sound like a horrible weed smoking pot fiend, which I am not saying is bad, I just don't do it, here is a link to the real Burger King Weed on Burger story.

As for Berger, that's our dog's name. His full name is actually Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle II. He's the second not because our original Heisenberg died, but because another nerd had already registered a chocolate lab with the AKC under that name. Really. Can't make this stuff up. If you need clarification on the Uncertainty Principle because you linked here looking for a weed story, please check it out at wikipedia. If I get going, the next thing you know we'll be talking about Darwin, Curie, and string theory, which is physics not knitting, and I get into enough trouble with the knitting.


Anonymous said...

that's awesome. you're great!

Wystful1 said...

Hi...this is regarding the Sam Pirate Doll for crocheting. I can't get the pdf file to open for me...and I read in another blog comment that you had the problem of a broken link? What gives you wonder!

How did you get it to work? Or did you? I wanted this pattern to finish for Christmas for my grandson that has down syndrome, and I guess I'll just have to give up trying....

If you can help, I'd really appreciate it. :o)

Holly Bee said...

Ah ha! The broken link. My Dad told me this secret. Because I was flipping out about it!

If you go to the original email you got from Interweave and copy the whole line of text that you are supposed to click on and paste it right into your address bar, it should work.

It's a fun pattern too, and goes really fast. Actually, when not crocheting with the black yarn it goes fast. I don't like that caron stuff. It splits really easy!

Wystful1 said...

thanks!! I did just that and it worked! I see now that the whole thing wasn't linked in the email.