Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Twix are good

Yep, Twix are good. That's also what I learned on my birthday.

I went as a housewife. That means I put on an apron. Acutally, the apron was very handy, it gave me the extra pockets I needed. You know, I could probably carry a purse. But it's so much more fun never knowing if you have lost your wallet.

The boys, were pirates. No, I did not sew them, it was the Ogre.


sae said...

"The right radar in the right hands!"

Good going Bee, I wanted my youngest daughter to be a weather lady, but I didn't think to get her started early enough; so she works at McDonald's. :)

Locoshoat said...

That Ogre is incredibly talented. What a man!...uh, I mean Ogre!

Holly Bee said...

If you look back to "a brief history of ogres" you will note that the Ogre can also cook. Did I mention cross stitch?