Thursday, October 26, 2006

Prayer Shawls and Hockey are Bad Luck

So, the shawl that I knitted for Meemaw as a Holiday Gift is going to be gifted today. She's in the hospital now too.

That's three people in like a two week period. I am sort of blaming Eric for all of it. He is involved with "fantasy hockey" team. It's not sexy hockey, it's nerd hockey. Anyway, the night before Carina had her kidney and attached tumory thing removed the Ogre asked "do you think I should replace my goalie?"

I replied "MY FRIEND IS HAVING A KIDNEY REMOVED!!! But you are right, that guy couldn't save a goal if his fantasy job depended on it, cut him."

Then last week he says "The new goalie isn't doing well, should I get a new one?"

I then say "MY MOM IS IN THE HOSPITAL WITH MYSTERY LIVER PROBLEMS!!!! No, more hockey, it's hurting people!"

Then 2 nights ago, he was looking at his stupid fantasy team while I worked on a prayer shawl. I told Eric to put down the computer, stop looking at fantasy hockey stuff, everytime he did someone ended up in the hospital.

Next thing you know, Meemaw is in the hospital. So was it the prayer shawl knitting or the hockey? I don't think anyone has ever been hospitalized because of a prayer shawl, but hockey? All the time.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's the rule of three. Then again, it could be that his fantasy team is jinxed. Is there a spell to unjinx that? ;-)