Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Peppers of Doom

We got our last veggie delivery from Avalon Farms Homegrown Wednesday. Included in our share of the crop was a small paper bag labeled HOT PEPPERS. I dropped one while inspecting them. I thought it would be kind of fun to see what would happen if the dog or maybe Owen picked it up and tasted it. Well, they are both smarter than my Dad. They avoided that pepper with a three foot radius. They neither touched it, or put it in their mouths. So, when my Dad was over yesterday I gave it to him.

Here's what he wrote after eating it...yes, I gave him food from off the floor. He may have washed it.

Those pepper you gave me were hallucinagenic!

> > first bite: no heat

> > second bite: it felt like someone had poured a glass of ice water over

>> my head...scalp felt like it was sweating!

> > third bite: I can see auras!

> > fourth bite: I can see dead people... > and TALK to them!!!!

I wish Alice had taken a picture. Heeheehee


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we still haven't touched those. I am thinking of roasting the chestnuts, though. They look good. :)

sae said...

"I wish Alice had taken a picture."

Jeez! I wish I had the peppers! They sound like they were perfect!
It's difficult to find a pepper that is sufficiently hot! Oh ya...they claim to be hot...but...you know...wimp peppers. I'm shocked your Papa weakened so easily. Har...Har...he must be getting old.