Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Once more, with feeling

The 2 little pigs, all 78 pounds of them, and I went for the last bike ride of the season yesterday. I attached the trailer to the Giant (I said Giant, that means bike, not Ogre) and pedaled up to town. Yep, I had my sweet babies on the shoulder of a 55 mph road.

I now have a small bit of info for the fools at MDOT. BIKE PATHS SHOULD BE A MANDATORY PART OF ALL ROAD PLANNING AND CONSTRUCTION. There. Oh, one more thing. Kiss my ass Michelle O'Neil, I hope you get fired from MDOT.

Back to the story. We saw wildlife, and went to the park and had a lovely time. Ok, total lie. We saw dead oppossums, and learned that the stench of death is quite fragrant. At the park we ran into an uptight lady with two tidy kids. As you may know, I call my kids the three little pigs. This is because they are usually pretty dirty, but also enjoying themselves. I let my boys run barefoot and slide down the slides. The other lady had her kids keep their shoes on under penalty of death, and yelled "DON'T GO DOWN THE SLIDES!!! YOU'LL GET DIRTY LIKE THOSE KIDS!!"

I have dirty kids. I know this. But hey, she was lucky, I didn't swear at her. But I did let the boys eat Pocky and get even more filthy with a chocolate-y treat right in front of her clean kids. Heeheehee, I think I made that woman die a little inside.

Moral of the story: All kids are pigs, whether you like it or not. I like it.

Why is that the last bike ride of the year? Perfect day, fun times, didn't get hit by a car, good to end on a happy note. Plus, Cyrus isn't getting any lighter, and there is a small hill, in a car known as a dip, on the way home. My legs were more tired than after the 36 mile Kal-Haven trail venture with those kids in the trailer. Adios Giant, hello stupid stationary bike in the basement.


sae said...

"My legs were more tired than after the 36 mile Kal-Haven trail venture with those kids in the trailer." toted the kids in the trailer on the Kal-Haven trip?

Have you noticed that over here in the "Creep" they are putting new bicycle lanes all over town?

Holly Bee said...

Yes the Creek has no money to help the toothless masses, but lot's of money to help build bike trails to bring in rich people. Is that right?

sae said...

I thought you liked bikey trails???
Toothless people can still ride bikes. A guy with only one leg passed me on a bicycle once...Ah, I don't know what that has to do with no teeth though. And, I don't know what no teeth has to do with bike trails. Oh...just forget it. :/

Holly Bee said...

No, I love bike trails. I am saying that the Battle Creek area is trying to look like a nicer place to live by putting in more bike trails. Which is awesome, but there are a lot of other people that need things, like free dental care, more than they need extended bike trails.

Free HealthCare for the People!

sae said...


While nothing is ‘free’, I agree with you 100% that we need a sound single payer national health insurance program. That’s something that could have gotten a start very easily if we hadn’t been duped into the useless war in Iraq. Some folks believe that, at least part of the reason for the push to war in Iraq is to bankrupt Social Security, Medicare, etc. The Republican Party is philosophically against anything social (with the exception of a martini party). :)