Friday, October 27, 2006

Ok, Sorry Interweave, you still are the Best

I'll admit, I am kind of mean to Interweave Knits magazine. But sometimes they really deserve it. Besides, when it comes to being truthful, only someone who really loves you can do it properly.

Like I can tell my brother, "Hey Cart, you're a complete fatty." But he knows that I really mean, "Cart, I love you and you should lose weight because I am worried about your health."

When I'm mean, it's only because I care.

Sooo, here's why I am not being mean. Yes, I also realized that other causes may be more important, but this is for a really overlooked group of people.

Here it is. Interweave Knits is again endorsing the Red Scarf Project which is done through the Orphan Foundation of America.

Here's what it says on the Interweave Knits site about it.

"Interweave Press is proud to endorse the RED SCARF PROJECT again in 2007. Please participate and show someone out there you care!
Orphan Foundation of America’s Red Scarf Project – Guidelines, 2007 Love to knit or crochet or know someone who does? Send warmth and encouragement to America’s college-bound foster youth. OFA needs thousands of handmade scarves to put in our Valentine Care Packages to these parentless youth attending college on their own. Your handiwork will truly be the personal touch in these packages and bring students the encouragement they need to move forward and graduate to a brighter future. For over 25 years, OFA has provided funding and family-like support to foster youth in transition."

Carina and I were just talking last night (she looks really good and seems to be getting around pretty well now) about how much we hate making scarves. Funny, huh? It's like a sign that I should suck it up, knit a scarf for a good cause and stop being so darn mean.

Heeheehee. It's not mean, it's honesty. Sometimes the truth hurts. I think there's a message in there somewhere for me.


Anonymous said...

Nope. Still not going to make a scarf. I have Stephen's to finish (gak!) and that child's sweater to finish for that Christian organization (I feel guilty about that, since I sat in front of the head honcho lady in a class at TKGA).

I'm feeling better, but I laughed really hard at the kids tonight, and now it hurts amazingly bad. That dang rib is getting annoying. Btw, it was really funny--Stephen needed a cold pack, so we told Anna to run for one, and she managed to hurt herself in the process. Oh, the irony! :-)

carter said...

when people say they are being honest they're just being cruel and borish.

every time you open your mouth, take a minute and ask yourself, "why am i such a douchebag?"

when you're mean it's only because you're an asshole.

Holly Bee said...

You're just pissed, well, because you are a bedwetter.

Stink off Fatty.

carter said...

i even spelled boorish wrong. however, that is a very clever reply. fatty really stings.