Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Ogre and the Apple Orchard

I sit here in complete silence, except for a weird noise from the fridge, which until now I have never noticed and I also didn't realize that we have a clock that ticks in the kitchen. Why is it so darn quiet?

You see, I had arranged with some work friends (from the Great Big Evil Pharmaceutical Company) to take our families out and go apple picking, today at 1:00. I totally set it all up, and it's a beautiful day. Everyone is going to be able to make it, except me. Haha, I am the bad one who makes commitments, and then breaks them. But I got a better offer...happy hour at Zazios. Nah, I wish. I have an interview for seasonal employment at the mall. Eddie Bauer actually, in the mall. Yes, I could go back to the lab, make more money, help save the world, but I'm nervous that part time will lead to more time, and I am not ready for that kind of commitment. The time commitment, not the saving the world part.

So Big E is wrangling the pigs by himself today. He was a bit worried and asked "how am I going to take them apple picking?" I said "I don't know, just do it. I took them blueberry picking by myself last year, and they all made it home."

With a grumpy look and a bag full of spare clothes he was off. I think the spare clothes was a good call on his part. Those kids love to wipe snot on moving parental targets. Sorry Pipers, you're going to be rolling in snot.

Carina update, she's got a new ipod, and is in better spirits about her upcoming surgery. For more info click on the link to her blog :)

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