Monday, October 02, 2006

Not Made for Golf

Sometimes people have natural talent and are able pick up say a golf club and wow the world with their skills. I do not have natural golf talent.

I took the Ogre to an indoor driving range for his birthday celebration. That part was fine, I actually enjoyed it. I got out some pent up frustrations on that ball, or on the artificial grass. But then he wanted to play golf on the simulator.

For the record, the golf simulator needs you to suspend all belief in science, nature and the ricochet factor. It's a tiny cave with a screen at the end and you need to believe you are outside playing golf at Pebble Beach. But instead you are in said cave hitting a ball as hard as you can at a wall. Does that make sense? My brain was telling me, NOOOOOOO, YOU ARE GOING TO GET KILLED BY THE RICOCHET! THAT BALL IS COMING BACK AT YOU....!!!!!"

Needless to say I did awful and I was really horrified by the whole set up. Golf is weird. But the Ogre had a great time, so it was all worth it. Sort of. Well I did get to beat the fake grass with a golf club, yeah, it was fun.

Oh, where were the boys? Nana PK's. Eric picked the boys up yesterday and managed to bring home 3 kids, and a fish. The fish is not for us to keep, or eat, but probably for us to take care of poorly, allow to perish and then replace Brady Bunch style. It's Mom's fish. We are fish sitting to the best of our abilities. Which isn't good for Mr. Norihito.

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Anonymous said...

I agree on the golfing thing. I really suck at it. At least, I did at the driving range. I still wonder if I could ever get decent at it, but I don't wonder too much. ;-)

Oh, and those simulators are scary. Hubby almost got hit by one ricochet the last time he was there (not that he noticed--I was in the doorway and saw it). Ick.