Friday, October 20, 2006

Meemaw and the Ogre

The Ogre and Meemaw got done with their Michigan State Grange committee work early and were able to enjoy the lovely town of Ludington. They went to dinner at the House of Flavors, although skipped ice cream (!!!???!!!) and then continued on to Nautical Yarn. I imagine them holding hands, skipping a singing showtunes, but that may not be the case.

Speaking of the Grange and knitting. I got 3rd place in accessories for my Jo Sharp inspired scarf. Amazing, huh? I will always wonder that if I could have managed to follow Jo's pattern exactly "would I have gotten 1st?"

These were the Classes they divided things into
Division C : Knit or Crochet Items * Any yarn or thread product may be used Open to Non Grangers Class I: Afghan — Full or Crib
Class II: Wearing apparel (any item)
Class III: Doily - (Less than 36” across)
Class IV: Accessories (example, purse, eyeglass case, handkerchiefs

I would like to add that Class II is so completely brainless. How can an Aran sweater be judged against, well basically any other "wearing apparel." Show some gumption, and make a stand. Have an actual sweater category. Or just do the hat and mitten set thing again..

It's stupid to try and compare apples and oranges. That's why there is the saying "it's like comparing apples and oranges." They are just too different to compare. For the record, I like apples, but I don't like oranges. Unless you squeeze them, depulp them and add rum. Then it's really no longer an orange, but a vehicle for rum.


sae said...

“…and were able to enjoy the lovely town of Ludington.”

When I was a kid, my parents used to take us to Ludington on summer vacation. We parked our Avion trailer at a private park outside town on Lincoln Lake. I think the park had a French sort of name that sounded like Cart-ie-airs. My brother and I were elementary school age and it was heaven for us. We went fishing nearly everyday, and when we weren’t doing that, we were exploring. Once we were there a whole month.

In the late 1980’s a friend of mine and I rode our bicycles from Battle Creek to Ludington and took the car ferry across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. We then rode up across the Upper Peninsula and back home. We made that trip twice. It was a great time.

My girl friend’s father was a lighthouse keeper with the U.S. Coast Guard stationed at the Big Sable Point Light north of Ludington, so we go there once in a while.

Ludington brings back good memories…and that’s no yarn!

Anonymous said...

mmmm rum

Holly Bee said...

Marty took us to Ludington, and his Dad took him and Mel.

Yep, you stayed in the park by the grave yard! We would stay in subhuman cabins called Ferwarda's-they kept Monkeys. My Mom ended up in the hospital due to monkey pee induced blood poisoning on one vacation! It was legendary.

sae said...

"Yep, you stayed in the park by the grave yard! We would stay in subhuman cabins called Ferwarda's-they kept Monkeys."

Excuse me! Are you suggesting that your family are decendents of monkeys? You and I may have more in common than I thought...I have no problem with graveyards or being the decendent of a monkey. :)

sae said...

holly bee:

I posted a message on xluox's Blog in China. I'm not familiar with how these Blogs work. Is there a way for me to post a picture of mine along with a message?

Anonymous said...

I love Nautical Yarn. One of the nicest yarn shops I know. Now I'm jealous.