Monday, October 23, 2006

Medical Mystery Solved...for Pam

Well, well, well. Looks like PK has a really rare form of Hepatitis. She starts treatments tomorrow, and should be released by Wednesday or Thursday.

Ah, so there you go. Her medical mystery has been solved. As for Carina, link to her blog for her still in the works medical mystery. She might end up in a journal.

It's like the Bob and Tom (radio program) skit with Cal Ripken being diagnosed with a horrible life threatening disease, and the Dr says "but we're gonna name it after you!" Anyway, Bob and Tom, funny stuff.

Pam is a trooper. She is going to attempt to ride home from Florida with Dan. Not that Dan's a bad driver! No, Florida is far from Michigan...see map: pointy thing at the bottom to mitten thing at the top.
I guess that's about it. Time to go work on my own person cirrhosis.

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