Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Knitting at the Hospital

To clarify, I was visiting and knitting, not a patient knitting.

Eric and I went and saw Meemaw at the hospital yesterday, and then stayed and visited with the fam. The Ogre got the waiting room laughing so loud that I was afraid the staff was going to call the bouncer and have us thrown out into the street. As long as my yarn did not touch the hospital floor on the way...

Here's what I was able to get done on my scarf. I figured that since it was my birthday, my birthday yarn and Meemaw helped Eric pick it out when they went to Nautical Yarn, it was the perfect thing to work on.
I finally decided that I would use the Marine Life pattern by Ann Cannon-Brown from the Scarves of Hope pattern booklet. It's through www.knitforthecure.ca The pattern also says that Ann is the proprietor of www.elann.com a "British Columbia based internet supplier of discount, end-of-lines and private label yarns." They forgot to mention all of their awesome free patterns. Check it out.
Where would I get a Canadian fundraiser booklet? From a vendor at the Michigan Fiber Fest of course.
So, there you go. Birthday, good vibes to Meemaw, and knitting against breast cancer. Very busy day.

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