Monday, October 23, 2006

Knit with Snot and the Metric System too!

Still knitting with snot. Speaking of snot, I got Dee's cable hat done. She may actually be in ownership of it right now. I sent it to work with my delivery Ogre. Yep, that poor sucker has to deliver all sorts of very girly things into the Big Evil Pharmaceutical Company for me.

But the hat is lovely. I forgot to take a photo of it, so no one will believe that it is...

A. Done
B. Not a complete piece of crap
C. Actually the cable hat from the original photo.

I would like to say now that I made the hat out of black and grey bulky Misty Alpaca. It should be both soft and warm for Dee's ears, and match her jacket and scarf. Boy is she lucky! I thought about matching for once!

As for the level of snot in the hat. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being completely full of snot and 1 having minimal snot, I will give her hat a "1." It was not in my possession long enough to obtain many milliliters of snot. Luckily I measure in ml and not liters.

Speaking of liters. How flipping hard would it be to just switch to metric? It's not that hard. It's based on 10. Just declare a day "Metric Switch Day" do it all at once and just be ready for about a week of confusion. It's a lot like Daylight Savings. Some people forget, that first weekend is confusing but it all works out in the end. Let's give it a try. Gauging for gas would be really easy when people start paying for it in Liters and don't realize it's less than a gallon. It's win-win really.


dee's brother said...

Im glad you got the hat thingy done for Dee. Maybe now she will stop her whining! However, you should of made the hat with a drop down face cover thingy...then it would help keep her face warm and also keep it hidden from public scrutiny! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on the metric thing. It's the only system that makes sense to me and that I can remember. I always forget my conversions in the English system.


sae said...

"I totally agree on the metric thing."

Traitors! Why do you think we started using a different system to begin with? :)

Thomas said...

I can remember gasoline being sold by the liter in 1975, the year of the Metric Conversion Act. It caused great confusion. People saw the ridiculously low prices without knowing that a liter is about equal to a quart. This was when gasoline was more than $1/gallon for the first time, and the dials cannot accommodate it. There were metric conversion tables everywhere, metric rulers , metric scales, etc.
In 1983, my body measurements went metric, in the sense that I used centimeters instead of inches. I was well-prepared for the big numbers. As early as 197 I was 16 years old then.
About 10 years later, my weight went metric, the lelay being due to a lack of metric scales. I was prepared for the rather low numbers.

Holly Bee said...

The Ogre has suggested that we should start weighing our self in stone.

I rather like it. I am about 9.5 stone, while the Ogre weighs in at a hefty 20 st.

Check out

Thomas said...

That's how it is sometimes done in England. I could never understand why a stone is 14 pounds. The USA inherited its language and measures from England, but dropped the stone as relatively useless, made the hundredweight, later discontinued, 100 pounds, but kept Queen Anne's wine gallon, but applied it to all liqiuds. The USA has essentially the old English units, minus the less useful ones.
The rest of the world has the metric system, considered superior in most respects.

Holly Bee said...

Yep, I agree with Metric superiority! I am a microbiologist, and I'm married to a second generation chemist!!