Monday, October 30, 2006

It's my own snotty birthday!!!

Today is my birthday. I am generally so greedy throughout the year that I told Eric not to get me anything. But he and the boys surprised my greedyself with presents this morning.

The boys got me two lovely skeins of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk, and a pair of bamboo needles that are the size suggested by the ball band. The Ogre is beyond thoughtful. What other Ogre or man would have thought to do that? Oops, I mean the three little pigs got that for me!

The Ogre got me the first season of Veronica Mars. Our cable provider only sporadically provides the channel that VM is on, and wow, I am just fully confused, but in love with the show. See, thoughtful and sweet.

So my yarn was purchased to make a scarf, and then the Ogre reads that I hate making scarfs. My initial thought was to make the One Skein Wonder by Glampyre Knits aka Stefanie Japel.

SAE, you should check out her site. Her beauty will inspire you to knit. It's true, she's a babe, and she's got awesome knit skills.

But I hate to use the DK weight yarn, and switch gauge and do math and make it fit into the pattern that uses a larger weight yarn. So, I am letting the boys beat the crap out of each other while I scout the internet and all my back issues of Interweave Knits for a suitable scarf pattern.

Then I will go to the grocery store and get the white frosting for Cy's Halloween party that I bought once but put in a safe place and lost. Then I need a cake, which I think will be from Bella Creamery. That way it's the cake and the ice cream all in one easy frozen confection.

I know, I talk about happy birthday stuff and sneak this down at the bottom. We got calls early this morning that Grandma Winter was moved to the ICU. Eric went to work, but was really upset. So if you work with Eric, don't talk about it, just be nice to him. His parents are driving to Michigan tonight, they live in upstate NY.


sae said...

"SAE, you should check out her site."

I checked it out...your Blog is like...mega-prettier than her web-site.

Happy Birthday Bee! If your Daddy brings sure to ask what it is before you eat it. : )

Holly Bee said...

No kidding! It may vert well be too hot to eat peppers that have been on the floor...or worse, something he cooked!!!

Oh, that's kind of a joke. But teeny weinie jalopenie is not food.

sae said...

He cooks really's just that I'm not keen on deep fried, extra spicy grasshoppers! :)