Thursday, October 12, 2006

It snowed, it's October still right?

Yesterday I went to Barnes and Noble on the off chance that they had the new Vogue Knitting magazine. They did! I was really excited because it isn't supposed to be out until the 17th. They apparently don't have a "when in doubt, don't put out" policy. That's a rule you can apply to many things.

It's the Holiday issue! Which I am totally going to blame the snow on. I have also decided that no one will be getting any gifts made from this magazine for the holidays. Not because they aren't great patterns, no, because I have more snot than time and everyone is having babies, and babies need presents, and just no. Unless it's that cool braided scarf. No, not that either. It would have to be a big, bulky yarn scarf to get done in time.

But the magazine is full of nice articles. Ok, I get it just for the pictures. heehee. The best article isn't even an article. It's the yarn update section titled au naturel. It's highlighting a bunch of "natural fibers" by different companies. Lion even has a 100% organic cotton! I think that's really cool. The first of my must try yarns is called Sea Silk, by Handmaiden yarns. It's 70% silk and 30% seacell, which is seaweed. It's supposed to have healing properties. Hello, humans are mostly water and seaweed comes from where? The ocean. So there, nah sayers. Between Erbelli's Pizza and seaweed yarn, I think Carina is going to have a speedy recovery.

The other cool one is caled A-Maizing, by South West Trading Co. It's made of corn. How cool is that? They also have the soysilk yarn.

So, to those who don't care about the crazy new corn, seaweed, and even Patons has a wool/soy mix, and Lion Brand with organic cotton, I will just tell you it's an amazing time to be alive. Yes, soon those flying cars are going to be built. Oh, I need to get over the flying cars. Soon the skyline will be filled with wind turbines, and all houses will have solar panel roofs. Power to the People!

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