Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I need to buy yarn

Yes, I have so much yarn in my basement, by my rocking chair, in the food pantry, bedroom closet, under the bed, in a bench and my favorite spot the coat closet hidden in the sleeve of a jacket, but I need more.

Why, for the love deity of your choice, do I need more yarn? I am sad, and somehow yarn fills that sadness with happy sheep, goat, bunny, bamboo, hemp, soy or seaweed fiber happiness.

Carina was tempting me away from good solid-stay-at-home-mom-slave laundry and dishes with the tempting sounds of the webs catalog. Ah, Classic Elite, how are you so lovely?

I realize this is a sickness, but golly, it doesn't take up much space, and if I live to be like 500 and never buy anymore after this, I will use it all.

I should totally be making a prayish shawl for my Mom, but the one I started as an "I owe somebody a shawl because I never made one for Carina" is just the plain prayer shawl ministry pattern made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn. That's not very good for Mom! Look at the photo, ok look past the pretty model, see that's really more of what in theory I want to knit for my Mom. Something special.
That there is so special it's not even a shawl, it's a caplet from Vogue Knitting-Holiday Issue. A caplet. My luck, I would finish it and PK would be attacked by the Big Bad Wolf.


Anonymous said...

We need to make that. What day next week looks good for us to head up to Threadbear? I've got a gift cert. burning a hole in my pocket and that capelet in my head.

Ooh, how about next Friday? David has it off, and it'll be after the craziness of Halloween.

Holly Bee said...

I will have to see what I can arrange...yes, let me check with my babysitter.....

Hey Kat! What you doing during the day next Friday?

Eric, you want to hang out with the boys all day Friday don't ya?

Anonymous said...

I have to be at Sunset Lake in the afternoon, but if you go in the morning I can help! :) love

sae said...

You've got to quit posting pictures like that! How's a guy supposed to get to sleep at night????? You're really insensitive!

Holly Bee said...

I didn't realize that chick was so hot. The Ogre was like, "yeah, that caplet post was really good." I asked if he had read it, but he just said "girl, pretty."

Blame Vogue. Interweave Knits just uses that same red haired chick. Which if you are into redheads that works, but me, I like brunettes...

sae said...

"but me, I like brunettes..."

Whew!...Is it hot in here, or is it just me?