Tuesday, October 03, 2006

He lost his will to live

Mr. Norihito had a good life, he passed yesterday around 11 am. Yes, he made it less than 24 hours in our house. Poor Mom, she was worried about leaving her fish while she went on vacation. Little did she know the place she chose to leave him would kill him before she left.

So what happened to the little bugger? Let's see, he was sitting at the back of our sink area, out of reach of the boys. But the little brothers pushed a chair over to the sink area, climbed up and dumped the whole container of food in on him. Next they wanted him to eat the food, so they stuck their arms in the bowl and tried to force him to eat. This was really more excitement than Mr. Norihito was used to. He got scared, Siamese Fighting Fish my hienie, and hid under a rock. Which the boys then accidently squashed him with.
So, where was I? I was in the shower. A quick 10 minute escape, and all hell broke loose. So I was welcomed back to my reality with the stink of fish food, and frightened squished fish. Unfortunately, he was still alive at this point. I put him in the boys' Kool-Aid container and moved him into my bathroom.
Upon later inspection, it was determined that he longed for the relief that death would bring and...he...just...gave...up.


sae said...

Ah…didn’t you predict this death in an earlier post? You might want to consider using your psychic skills for profit! Was the picture on the left the burial sight? I keep having visions of ‘Nemo’ in the sewer. It’s a good thing Mr. Norithito wasn’t a horse! Hey! Is it possible that Mr. Norihito being left in harms way is because of some passive- aggressive behavior on your part?:(

Holly Bee said...

As for passive-aggressive, uh, I don't think so. If I felt like actually killing the fish, I would have flushed it when it first arrived, lied to my Mom and have been done with it.

As for leaving it in harms way, our whole house could be considered "harms way" merely because of the high ratio of children. So it would be my mother and not me who had the poor judgment.

Locoshoat said...

Requiescat in Pace

sae said...

"Requiescat in Pace"

After dying such a brutal and undignified death...give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Poor fish. Of course, it wasn't your fault. You should be able to get a shower, for pete's sake, without expecting the kidlets to kill the fish.

And I was thinking of getting Anna an aquarium for Christmas . . . Hmm. I might have to rethink that. The scenario you describe is eerily similar to something my son would do (or Anna, for that matter).

Holly Bee said...

Ok, enough with the fish, he's dead.

Or, go out and eat a big steak and not think about the lovely brown eyes the cow had, and how it dreamed of starting a family and retiring to the country.

Anonymous said...

Would you mind if I borrowed your kids?
My Aunt's beta is on his last fin, literally. He has lost his tail and his right fin, the poor guy lays on his side all day. Dumb people are starting to think that they're resurrecting a fish when they shake the bowl.

... I just noticed that I'm writng this while I eat goldfish crackers. >.>

Holly Bee said...

Ok eating goldfish crackers is just too funny! Those darn betas really are tough little buggers. It takes a lot to off them, or a steady hand and a quick flush.

sae said...

"Ok, enough with the fish, he's dead."

Ha! If people like a topic, I've seen these things go on for more than 500 posts. :)

Holly Bee said...

Yes, but are all the posts from you?