Sunday, October 29, 2006

Girls Night Out

After a really weird couple of weeks with my family and friends being in the clinker, heehee, the hospital, 'I ended up getting a fun night away. I also realized I am old, but my liver is probably much healthier for it.

I went with my buddy Sarah, who I met the first day of first grade, and her girlfriends. I say Sarah's girlfriends, because I didn't bring any of my own. Beth's in NC, and Carina is still recovering from kidney/rib/growth removal. Actually, I think it would have been tame enough for her, although the giggling did get pretty extreme.

So where did I go? What did we do? I went with the girls to Sarah's aunt's weekend house in South Haven. This was nooo cabin, friends, bigger than most of our real houses. While there we scrapbooked. That's right, I scrapbooked into the weeeee hours of the morning.

Ok, they did serious scrapbooking, I did 4 pages, drank a bottle of wine, and made the pregnant girls giggle until they peed. So, I made the usual ass of myself. Which if you're good at something, you might as well stick with it.

I wish I had photos, but with all the giggling, and pillow fights, there were feathers everywhere and none of the pictures turned out.

I would like to say that we had a fun time and I really like Sarah's friends. I think they may even be my friends now too.

As for the boys...they ate 2 large pizzas, 2 dozen doughnuts, stayed up late watching the Red
Wings game, and fell asleep in a pile in the living room. They even ventured forth in the morning and went to Target together as a weird Ogre led group of pigs.

Ohhhh, then we all went to the Western Michigan University (I am a student now!) football game. It was REALLY cold, and the boys were begging for food, and the people around us were sitting on us, so we ended up leaving right after the 3rd quarter started when the score was 3-6, Eastern.

Turns out, the teams were scared to score with all the begging for food in the stands and as soon as we left, the Broncos turned it around and won. Crazy.

This morning, Cy said "I like sports now because we went to the football game, GOBRONCOS!"

Harry made 3 go team go signs. One for tigers, broncos, and red wings. He loves hockey. I bet he loves ice skating too though!


dee's brother said...

Geesh...I've tried to post this...apparently google is having issues. Or eles...this post will at some point show up 14 times! :)

Any previously attempted to state.....I loved the story was awesome reading when it was about drinking...girls...and an all girl pillow fight. messed it all up when you added the scrapbooking and pregnant components. You need to become a better smut writer!

Holly Bee said...

Ah, yes, I know my friends too well! More smut, less scrapbooking. heeheehee.

dee's brother said...

Their ya go....your next BLOG name....XXX stories with snot for you!

Holly Bee said...

Ok, actually there is a naughty site that involves the name Holly and Snot. It's not me though!!

dee's brother said...

Ok...that brings up a whole list of questions..starting would you know about the other site? I'm not so sure all you do is knit all day now!