Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Furnace is On

As a favor to the Ogre, I turned the furnace on yesterday. I wanted to go for November, but as he is getting older (today) he is starting to be bothered by the frost on the floor when he gets out of bed.

Of course the furnace wasn't on this morning when I got up, so I started to panic. Our house was built in 2001 and we somehow got a furnace that is older than our house. Nice, huh? I actually have a file of furnace repair slips about an 1 thick. Last time our furnace broke I asked the front office lady if 17 repair visits, including replacing a condensor on the airconditioning and putting duct work from the furnace to the upstairs bedrooms, in a 3 year old house could be considered excessive. She said in her experience that was normal. That's when I finally decided that Bel Aire Heating and Cooling in Portage is evil.

For the record, the heat wasn't on because it was 70 in the house without the furnace. I gotta hand it to those Plow and Hearth insulated curtains we have on the slider, they really keep out the cold. I am also happy with the new storm door we got. Oooh, that's an energy savings tax deduction waiting to happen. Pretty cool, ha, it's keeping us warm.

Back to the Ogre. It's is birthday, and he left grumpy. He's an Ogre, grumpy is his baseline.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Ogre.