Wednesday, October 18, 2006

For the Love of Whatever Religous Figure in Charge...

Pam, my mom is in Florida. Who cares, right? I do, she's sick and all messed up and no one knows what's going on. See, killing her fish was a sign. She should have stayed here. Wait, maybe the sign was it was good she left, because I would have killed her. Whatever, I still can't find her cat, and I am going to cry. Not about the cat, it's old.

Pam initally went to the ER in New Symrna, Florida for a UTI. Then she went again, and again, and they said "well, we've ruled out hepatitis, but you should go see your family Dr." I called her family Dr and he basically said that she needs to go to a better hospital and be admitted so they could find out what the heck is going

Pam went to the hospital in some retirement town near Jacksonville? I don't technically know where she is. Lady Finger Lakes or something. She was visiting her friend Bruce.

Devil...Pam just called. She is still in the ER, she feels like complete crap, and she is being admitted. Someone had just come to take her up to a room, and they are waiting on labs...those lazy lab bastards to those that don't know I am an ASCP certified Medical Lab Technician. All I can say is I hope she has some knitting....

If it turns out to be an infected hangnail and nothing else, than ooops, I set off the alarms and I should probably help pay her hospital bills. But it just doesn't sound good, and I don't want the whites of my Mama's eyes to be yellow. That's bad.

Also, Owen has a raging case of Tonsilitis. Nice, huh? He has antibiotics, the big boys have teley and I have a box of wine....


PS Jackie, this whole mess with Carina, and Pam, and then Owen is why I was grumpy and anti holiday spirit. I am totally excited about the house on K drive and would love to go through it too!!!! We pass it all the time and think of you.

PPS Carina, I love you and your whole family tell David thank you. That's from Pam.

PPPS Carter and Beth, I love you too. That's from me and Mom.

PPPPS I think the wine is kicking in, feeling better.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're doing okay. I know you're worried about your mom, and Owen, and the cat, and the fish's immortal soul, but just hang in there.


Holly Bee said...

My Dear Sweet Ogre,

I never thought I'd see you here! Thank you for the moral support. Now I just need ethical support.

So, how are the farmers?