Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Football Game

Western Michigan University played another football team on Saturday. Do I know what team? Sorta. They wore red, and were from Illinois and some guy named Wolf is the guy who runs and might get the Heisman trophy. Did I mention it was really cold? I do know that WMU won. So there.

While we were tailgating (my favorite part, Hey David!) my poor friend Dee, who was shivering with cold, said "I really need a hat, my ears are cold." As a knitter I heard "Holly, will you please knit me a hat, my ears are cold."

Now realize most of my knitting ends up all wonky and is given to charity. So, sorry charity friends, I do try, I just have trouble keeping track of rows. There's also the kids, and all the snot I have to work against.
While I am thinking about football, I just have to say yes, Peyton Manning, I love your lazer rocket arm.

So Dearest Dee, do you like the look of the hat in the photo? Your hat won't look anything like that! I will try, it will be made of crazy expensive yarn, but it's gonna be messed up.


Dee's brother said...

Hey Holy and Fam,

I enjoyed the tailgating...all except for the COLD! I came to the conclusion that I have hit all time high on the whussie scale! I suffered through the Florida summer heat...and now I can't even stand a little Michigan wind!! Oh well, at least I have the comfort of knowing my cousin (And Dee's cousin as well) is a bigger whussie than me...cause he still lives there!

However, I have now the time of this is a slightly muggy 88 degrees here. I must leave you I need to go turn my air conditioning up!!

Holly Bee said...

Ah, you've brought me a little sunshine...the picking on your cousin part.

It's cool and all to have a leather jacket like the X Men's Wolverine, but really, if you can't stand the cold, don't have a fashion jacket. Shouldn't his adamantium skeletal coating keep him warm?