Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fly that fool home

Yep, PK is still in the old folks, I mean hospital. Still no idea what is wrong.

I want to go get her and bring her back up here. She can't leave until her liver numbers are below 1000. She's currently at 1200. It's supposed to be around 50.

So, I miss my Mom, but we had fun in Ludinton. Saw the lighthouse, walked the pier, hiked around the State Park and ate ice cream.


carter said...

yeah, this mom thing is crazy. she needs to get better.

in more comforting news, portastatic played on duke's campus the other night. though it sickened me to be on their campus, it was the best portastatic show i've ever seen. they did an extended solo for "baby" (my request) and let gentle ben poop in their van.

here's a link to the show a few nights before in boston:

isn't it weird that k-fed and grizzly adams are joining the band?

Holly Bee said...

Yeah, Portastatic is so cutting edge!

I know, Mom needs to get better. This is supposed to be my knitting blog, not "my mom broken" blog.

sorry you had to be on duke's campus. what's your college again? Aren't they the school with the really good marching band, but a hand drawn mascott?

Anonymous said...

does she have mono? Jill's liver numbers were up when she had mono...and that's why she was in the hospital for 8 days.
Get well soon Pique! (hehehehe)

Holly Bee said...

I don't know if it's mono. I will tongue kiss her when I see her to find out.

Holly Bee said...

Pique is the foot to knee fancy kick walk, isn't it?