Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Crochet Dude in Michigan!!

Oh, as much as I love college football in 40 degree weather with the chance of snow... Ok, that's all a big lie. Those college players can't complete a play, and, and I don't care what you say about school spirit and drama and love for the game, they aren't that good. Besides...

Yes, besides Harrison, my own fiber gifted child (one scarf made of single crochet chains by an enthusiastic 6 year old does make one a fiber gifted child)
The Crochet Dude is the best! He is going to be in Douglas, Michigan at Respite Cappuccino Court. Check it out at his new and improved site The Crochet Dude.

He's trademarked now, I want a trademark. Knit with Snot for You tm. That looks so sweet. My creations would be sought after by idiots who don't know how much snot is actually imbedded in their really pricey purchases.

Back to The Crochet Dude...he's doing a photo shoot for his first ever pattern catalog. How cool is that? So, yes I am posting the photo of myself and Carina with our favorite blinking Crochet Dude!

It's a good thing he is The Crochet Dude and has the knowledge that fiber fights winter on his side. It's still snowing here! Hey, does that make him like a superhero?


Holly Bee said...

Dear tinypaws-superosa!

Stop, stop, stop! You aren't making me mad, you are making me do more work. I have to keep editing your naughty f bombs out of the comments.

Harrison is going to get in trouble for swearing at school, and it looks like I am the one teaching him to say bad stuff. As you know, I look down upon swearing, it's bad. ah, eh, ok, just stop.

sae said...

That Crochet Dude looks like a blind guy who's about to zap you in the arm with a stun gun! You'd better watch your back!

sae said...

So that's the English teacher. You said there was no reason to be intimidated by her...but it's plain to see that you are having her critique the comments before they are posted. I don't think I will ever be able to trust you again...never! : )

Holly Bee said...

No, I am checking the comments before they are posted. I am taking away your freedom of speech. So there!

No, I get a lot of hits from people looking at knitting, or family style commentary, and I don't think it's fair to them to be surprised by Carter's brand of humor.

As for Carina, she's having one of her kidneys out today. I really don't think she cares, at all, about grammatical errors in my blog's comments today especially.

No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.

carter said...

i'll stop. you can put your comments back on. i just couldn't resist another f word.