Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Conspiracy Theory #53 Shot Down

Normally we don't have our furnace checked out in the fall. Wow, that sounds so irresponsible. But it's because our 5 year old furnace has a history of being unreliable and I would just call Bel Aire when it broke. I was actually pretty convinced that they had installed an Alias style computer chip in my furnace so that it broke down every 3 months. Then they would come out on an expensive service call, tell my it was a fluke and then reset the program to shut down my heat in another 3 months. Yes, that sounds very paranoid, but Bel Aire had been here 17 times in 5 years, and they thought that was a reasonable number.

This year, when Bel Aire sent out a snotty letter saying something along the lines of "you better get your furnace checked out now, because last year when it was cold we had 726 emergency calls," I thought to myself, "gee, maybe it's them, not me."

This year rather than waiting for it to break I called Nieboer Heating and Cooling for a fall furnace check up. I even broke down and asked the furnace guy, as the kids called him, if it was possible to set my furnace up to break down. He answered very nicely that no, that wasn't possible.

My conspiracy theory was shot down. But nicely.

I learned two things today. Bel Aire wasn't setting me up, and the people at Nieboer are really nice.

Now, about my electrical system...


sae said...

I don't believe I've ever had a furnace stop working until it died completely. The furnaces I have had to replace were so old they rusted out and started leaking gases out of the heat exchanger. Do you have some sort of exotic furnace that may be more susceptible to problems?

Holly Bee said...

Nope. It's a Payne, which is a knock off of Bryant, which is a knock off of Carrier. Mostly it's a Payne in the arse. Heehee.

But one furnace guy said it was a 1998 model and our house was built in 2000. Conspiracy #54 is: The furnace we have was a rebuild, or a recall.