Saturday, October 14, 2006

Carina is OK

Hey all, Carina had her surgery yesterday and was able to post on her blog this am. Here's what I lifted off her blog...

Even though I arrived late to the hospital, everything went well. I got an epidural which scared me at first but has really worked out well. The surgeon talked with David and said it looked good. There is no visible evidence of spread of the tumor, which is what we were hoping for. He removed a part of a rib to get at the top of the tumor which hurts some. My veins keep rolling and drawing blood is frustrating for all. I hope to be out of bed soon this morning.

Hey Carina, did they make a new person out of your rib? I am so sorry, it was just sitting there, I couldn't resist! You are awesome and very brave, and good job on the surgery! Please remember to take any drugs they offer, try them before you deny them. You can always barf it up later.

You can go to her blog at for more info.

I am going to a Western Michigan University football game. I know, I am a crappy friend. Bt I won't be having fun at the game, I will be thinking of Carina. So there.

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