Friday, September 22, 2006

Wow, there are 24 hours in a day

Yesterday we moved the Hoosier cabinet out of the basement and into the livingroom. Oh, what we am I talking about? Owen, Cyrus, and I. We moved a large piece of furniture. It was a true group effort, no one was squished, and it looks really pretty upstairs.

The three of us also mopped the kitchen and rearranged furniture in there too. We are settling in for the winter.

During all the furniture moving and cleaning, I also made cheesey broccoli soup. But the cool part was, it's pink. Yep, I used purple broccoli and white cheddar. I did that last year too. The boys think I am really awesome.

Now today we have already had an early start. Cy has had his soccer knee high soccer socks, and not much else, on since 7 this morning. He's really excited.

I think we are going to work on making bread this afternoon. Oh, who am I trying to kid. We are going to stop at Great Harvest and pick up a loaf. Forget that, it's Friday! Pizza....


sae said...

I liked your old format, but the new one is really nice too. I like the earth tones. Cool!

Holly Bee said...

Uh, thanks. It's fall, it's time for change and renewal. Wait, is that spring? Change, time for time.

sae said...

I guess it's snot so much a question of what season it's more a statement of your good taste. :)