Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Where's the Bloody Pirate?

I know, you are all sick of hearing about the Dread Pirate Sam crochet pattern! But when you get a cute little lovable Johnny Depp inspired dirty pirate of your very own, you'll be thanking me that I obsessed over this.
So, if I am counting correctly I am up to needing to make a Pirate crew of 6. But Pirates have never been know for their counting skills.
So why am I not all jumping for joy and crocheting my fingers to the bone? Let's just say that I am glad I didn't stay up until midnight to buy the Dread Pirate Sam pattern. Interweave Crochet www.interweavecrochet.com still has the "Check back here September 12th for how to purchase this pattern." I know it's the 12th! Pretty sure it's September too. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr
Also, as a reminder, September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Go to http://talklikeapirateday.com/ for more info. You can totally get some help translating pirate speak.
Here are a few examples from them:
"Avast ye varmint" - Stop right there young man because you're in big trouble.
Weigh anchor!" - Let's go!
"Yarr." - I agree.
"Yarr!" - I see your point, and agree wholeheartedly.
"Yarr-ha-harr!" - You're right!
"Yarr?" - Excuse me, what did you say?
"Yarrgh" - I respectfully acknowledge that you are right and I am wrong
And a few for the work place are included also
"I don't know as I recall askin' ye for yer thoughts, ye scurvy bilge-drinkin' tar-merchant. Avast yer gob afore I keelhaul ye an' string yer bones from the crow's nest." - I didn't ask for your opinion. Shut up or you'll regret it.
"Avast, ye demon copy machine! Taste the wrath of my arse!"


Holly Bee said...

Ok, I have paid for my pattern from Interweave, but the link they gave me to download the pdf is not active. Nice, huh.


Holly Bee said...

Ok! I had a broken link! My Dad helped me out and now I have my pirate pattern! Woohoo! Off to get some yarn. Must wrangle children into car...I love the smell of adventure in the early afternoon!

Anonymous said...

That's where you were this afternoon. Good reason.