Monday, September 25, 2006

What an Ogre can do if left alone

Saturday I went to a scrapbooking thing with my friend Sarah. I was a little worried about going because:

A. I hardly ever leave home, and often make an ass of myself.

B. I don't really like the company of women.

C. Scrapbook Parties are frightening.

D. Scrapbook Parties are frightening.

So, while I was gone the Ogre managed to do dishes, kid laundry and make 3 pirate vests, and 3 pirate sashes. Pretty awesome.

I also managed to learn a few things about myself.

A. Leaving home isn't too bad. I still managed to make an ass of myself. I was asked to attend a Scrap that breaks for Bible Study and has something to do with the alphabet and scrapbooking. I accidently laughed and snorted cookie out my nose. I was taken by surprise, it was a set up, I didn't mean to, it just struck me as really, really funny.

B. Women are ok to hang out with, I may actually do it again.

C. Scrapbook Parties are actually really frightening. The borders themed party is really a trick to use your friends like slave labor to make all these fancy things for you. Ok, I got to keep some fancy borders also, but I don't like fancy stuff. I mean fancy jewelery that is made under safe, and humane conditions is cool. But sticking and glueing tiny pieces of paper and using itty bitty stickers is not my bag baby.

D.Scrapbook Parties are still frightening, but I got cookies, and talked with new friends.

Later that night, we went to Grange. If you don't know what Grange is, here is a brief history from the National Grange.
Anyway, we were at a rather important meeting, Owen had a potty accident that soiled his pants. So he was in just diaper, shirt, shoes and socks. He then decided that he was hot in his shirt. For most of the time that Eric was leading the meeting, Owen was running like mad in just a diap and footwear. Very classy.


Anonymous said...

Wah. Your weekend was better than mine. ;-) What, no pics of almost naked Owen? You missed a great blackmail op.

Oh, and Stephen's now saying he wants to be a pirate for Halloween so he can hurt people and scare them. Great.


Holly Bee said...

He's got the wrong idea about pirates! Steal stuff and drink rum, sail the seven seas...that can be done without hurting people.

Anonymous said...

I know. I'm trying to figure out how to change his idea on pirates to make it less violent and more about fun. Thoughts?

Holly Bee said...

Just tell him pirates are fun and if keeps being mean you'll dress him like a lamb, or chick or something soooo lame for a 4 year old.

Or be mean and say fine, you get nothing, you're being nasty. That's tough love.