Saturday, September 16, 2006

This should be real adventure

Dad and I are taking our bikes and hitting the Kal-Haven trail today. 36 miles of trail. Fools, I am riding with a F.O.G. (fat old guy in trike rider terms) and I am a physically inactive Mom. Of course we arent' doing the whole thing! We are starting in the middle. I also just found out that "real bicyclists" the Kalamazoo Bike Club is starting at the beginning of the trail at 10.

So it's like a elementary math problem. Slow pokes start at the half way point at 9 am going 8 miles an hour. Shaved legged men start at the beginning at 10 am going 18-20 miles an hour. Too bad I have no math skills, or I might know when to expect them.

Go Cutters!

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