Thursday, September 21, 2006

Soccer for the family

Well, no, as it turns out, none of the kids will become international soccer superstars. We were asked at the end of Owen's class if he could keep his clothes on for the rest of the season. I said, "but he was too hot." Coach Brian just shook his head and walked away.

Harry did well in warm up, but I think he is too much of a pacifist to actually get in the mix during game play.

Help me Cyrus Glenn, you're my only hope. We will see how Mr. Glenn does tomorrow. He is really built more for destruction than speed though.

As for Dread Pirate Sam, he can bloody well walk the plank. A fleet of pirates? It ain't gonna happen. Not that it's difficult, it's just so boring. Round, and round and round. So...

More non holiday selfish knitting for me. I can really drink a lot more rum while knitting than with crochet. Probably not healthy, but true.

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