Saturday, September 02, 2006

A short history of Ogres

According to the Wikipedia, "an Ogre is a large and hideous humanoid monster." It goes on to say they are often "depicted with a big head, abundandt and hirsute hair and beard, a huge belly and a strong body."

Well, I looked Eric up on the Ogre Registry. Turns out he is an Ogre and he goes by the name Mogedd Gristlechewer. So True. I can't make this stuff up.

The first person to uncover his true identity was Carter. Cart noted the large noggin and hair covered chin. When I told Cart he was going to regret taunting me, he replied "what are you gonna do, sic your Ogre on me?" And the truth was uncovered.


carter said...

i seem to remember you describing the guy you were going to go on a date with before i even met eric. six foot seven, a goatee, and a thirst for human blood was the description. i asked if you were dating an ogre.

i made up the human blood. superchunk played why do you have to put a date last night. i was dancing and screaming. i can't walk, speak, or hear today. like a sock.

vickie said...

Holly, your writing is very entertaining. I felt the same way you do when Suzanne was little and I was taking her to West Bloomfield for dance lessons. The nannies were nice enough, but on Saturdays it was terrible. And the recitals were just torturous; they totally disregarded the 15 pages of rules, like bringing toddlers and babies and videotaping.
Rock on, girl! And hi to Carter.