Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Request for Politics

Wow, SAE, politics from me? Let me start with a list of things I hate.

Battle Creek "The Creek"
Hummers, no, Humvees. That big wasteful urban assalt vehicle.
This one chick from MDOT, but she hates me back so it evens out to tolerance

Ok, politics. If you put a Devos sign in your yard, and it gets stolen, I may have done it. I don't recommend stealing political signs from Devos supporters because they probably also support the idea of shooting tresspassers.

Harrison asked me who was the president of the United States and I said that there was not a current president. This confused him, he's six. So I went on and said the guy who calls himself president is a cheater and a liar and I don't recognize him as the leader of anything. Harrison said ok. That person that I don't believe to be a leader, may be the pied piper on the path to hell if you believe in that sort of thing. But that's a stretch too.

So, SAE, now I am going to get hate mail, and probably deported (oooh, were would I get deported too? Canada? That would rock.) But that's a wee bit of the ol' politics for ye.

Crap, I forgot Viva le revolution!


sae said...

OOOooooooooooooo...That felt soooooo...goooooood! But what the heck is with the birds? I love birds! Oh ya...don't worry about being deported or anything...patriots who support democracy would completely accept you having your own view of things; even if they have a different view. Now...people who don't appriceate democratic freedom might take issue with you.
But, they shouldn't matter anyway.:)

Holly Bee said...

Birds? Dad had his crappy birds, and would let them crap all over the house. I was in the house and I also got crapped on.

Also, large birds like to fly in front of my car and get killed. Pheasants are large, when they hit your car it is frightening.

Anonymous said...

we should go devos sign hunting together. hehehehe

Holly Bee said...

Anarchy! Revolution! What ya doing Friday night? Devos signs, jail, tapas? Yum, foodie, jail, creepy.