Friday, September 01, 2006

Plenty of love to go around

Knit with snot for you. Many thought this was a joke. Turns out, the snots real, it's the knitting and the gift getting that may be in jeopardy! 2 out of 3 boys are now officially sick. That would be kids #2, and #3. Yes, there's plenty of snot to go around.

So illness affects different people in different ways. It makes Owen into a mindless dog feeding Zombie. True. He walks around grunting and slobbering, Owen, not the dog. He also mumbles "bubba hungry." I left the room for 2 minutes (bathroom break) and I come back to Owen stripped down to his pullups, sitting on the living room carpet feeding the dog uncooked spaghetti, which the dog seems to like. The dog did not like the sunflower seeds, nor the pepi de acini pasta.

Cyrus has resigned himself to pj's only, and refuses to move from the couch.

What am I going to do about the kids being sick? I am leaving. I am going shopping with my Mama! It's going to be the Ogre and the three little pigs on Saturday. If Harry stays healthy I will gladly bring him too. He has mad fashion. He loves Gwen Stephani and wants to be Riley from the movie National Treasure. Fashion.


kat said...

super kawaii. that means super cute in japanese.

gwen moment. :) thanks!

And I am so excited by the prospect of mama getting a johnny depp doll for xmas! :)

Holly Bee said...

I know!! I am awesome! Ok, let's hope I can make it look awesome, and then I will be awesome. :)

Carina said...

Run away! You should totally hit the Nordstrom Rack while you're there, though. :)