Friday, September 29, 2006

Oh Crap, the Ogre's 15 minutes are counting down

So have you ever watched anything at Geek Entertainment? Well, there is a video interview with this Canadian sci-fi author guy, Cory Doctorow and he's talking about sci-fi writing and Orwell and 3/4's of the way through the interview 3 blogs are shown on screen and one of them is this very one. It's in the segment about blogs that are famous for 5 people.

What post here at knit with snot for you shows up? The Ogre doing his best Big Foot pose from Little Known Ogre Facts .

If you have high speed internet check out the interview, and see me and the Ogre being almost famous at If you don't have high speed, still click to go to the interview with Cory Doctorow and if you look at the links section, you'll see "blogs famous for 5 people." Click on Famous for and you'll see the Ogre.

Still famous for only 5 people, thanks Mom, Dad, Cart, Steve, uh, Eric, Mr. Ogre?


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!! That is soooo awesome!! I'm so excited that you are "famous for 5 people"...dude! You are totally just FAMOUS! Those bitches found you didn't they??? :)Yowsas!

I am so excited...

I think I've had too much caffeine today. lol 2 Pepsis = my limit!

Anonymous said...

You totally rock!!! How amazingly cool is that?!

Holly Bee said...

Thank you. I must be famous for like a whole 10 people now :)

Eddie C said...

We've been doing this for a year now and we're still only famous for 5 people too, though somehow we meet a lot of people along the way. Long live the Famous for 5 People club! Btw, it was the title of your blog that caught my eye. ;)

Holly Bee said...

Heehee! I really like being in the Famous for 5 People club!

I'd like to thank the academy and my 5 fans. I owe it all to my 3 snotty kids and my mediocre knitting adventures!

sae said...

Very nice H.B. How did you find out about your 'famous for 5 people' recognition? And, you have to get one of those 'I was famous on the Internet' T-shirts!

Holly Bee said...

I found out about geek entertainment through technorati. If you go to technorati you can search for blogs, and see what people are blogging about and it shows who links to who.

Yes, I totally need the t shirt!!