Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ogre Surprise

I tried to set up a surprise birthday dinner for the Ogre, but somehow I was tricked by his wily charms. Ok, I really just can't keep a secret. Because like an unnatural love of donuts, Ogres look so sad when they think you totally forgot their birthday.
That is not our house in the background. That's the mini cabin I made the family stay in for Mother's Day weekend. In Michigan, if you choose to go outdoors in May, it's probably going to be raining, for like the whole month.
We learned something about Ogres that weekend. If you leave an Ogre in the rain for 3-4 days a strange miracle happens. Ogres can have fun. Turns out Ogres really like the great outdoors. Their thick pelts repel rain and the mad desire for blood is satisfied by activities like hiking and fishing.
Young Ogres (also known as pigs) love to be dirty, and although their pelts are not fully water proof yet, the wet does not seem to bother them.
So having learned that an Ogre is capable of having a nice time, it makes it so much worse to see them sad. So the surprise of dinner is gone, but I could pick up a dozen donuts to make up for it, or just leave him out in the rain for 3-4 days.


sae said...

I'm think-in maybe you're a little delusional...that don't look like no 'happy camper' ogre to me.

Anonymous said...

so I don't have to lie anymore? lol

Holly Bee said...

I'm not delusional! That's a smile on that Ogre's face!!

No Kat, you no longer have to lie! Thanks for covering for me though :)

Locoshoat said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Ogre!