Friday, September 08, 2006

No Sweatpants in Portage

So Cyrus started Preschool at Otis Montessori "Academy" in Portage on Wednesday. Why do I send my kids to an Academy? Because I won't send them to a church preschool, not academic enough, and the preschool in town is in a home, gasp, next to a river, safety, and by a railroad track, creepy. Seeeee, Portage is the closest place with a decent preschool, or is it?

For the last 3 years I have been driving which ever kid is preschool age up to Portage 2-3 days a week. I love the school, believe in the Montessor method but I do have issues, with other Moms. Remember, I am evil.

1. If there is a no parking area, don't bloody well park there! It's for the safety of the children. I have been known to cut "please don't park in front of the building" reminders from the newsletter and place them on cars.

2. Do you need to drive a Hummer to drop off a preschooler? Doing some urban reconditioning when your done at the preschool?

3. Why waste gas and leave the car running while you complain to the preschool teacher about your kid's lack of reading skills. He's 2.5 years old, he can't read, no matter how well he is dressed, and how long the nanny reads to him daily.

Ok, done. So, why can't I wear sweatpants on preschool drop off day? I want poor Cy to appear like his parents are relatively normal. Do we get invited to birthday parties? NO, I am the weird Mom. Do I feel bad, not personally, but I at least want to give him a chance. Then we'll get invited over and be all freaky!

Sooooo, another option. I hope so. We are supposed to find out this week if there is a spot for Mr. Cy at the school district run preschool. I am calling them at 3 today to find out. They are supposed to call, but come on, it's Friday.

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