Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Manning Vs Sparrow

Manning Vs Sparrow! A Quarterback against a Pirate, what kind of match up is that? It was win-win to me, I love'em both (sorry Dad, I like the football.)

Where was this grand battle held? At the school open house book fair. Complete throw down, books were everywhere.
Actually it was about a million degrees with all those kids milling about aimlessly in a horseshoe shaped wall of books torture chamber. But we managed to get the first of 2 Avatar books, a dragon book in Spanish and English for Cy, How to be a Pirate for the whole family (got to get over my land lubber motion sickness issues) and then a poster.

Ah, I saw Captain Jack from across the room, I had my spyglass. But Peyton was standing to his right, looking all young clean and handsome in his football gear. I let Harry choose, he faked to Peyton and we ended up taking the Captain home.

Sadly, Harrison says that the poster is for the boys' room, not for Mom's.
If you don't find the outfit on Jack familiar, it's because it's from the third movie! Go to Jack's in Wikipedia!


Anonymous said...

Peyton Manning is interviewed in Highlights magazine this month. Odd timing . . .


Holly Bee said...

No, not odd timing! It's Football Season baby!