Saturday, September 23, 2006

Little Known Ogre Facts

It's a well known fact that Ogres are easily tricked by food. The line "look, a glazed donut," has been used for generations.

But a little known fact is that Ogres actually prefer small gas efficient vehicles to large SUV's. Exiting from smaller vehicles makes them look all the more menacing. Toyota Camry's are actually the male Ogre's vehicle of choice. Volkswagen Rabbits were number 1 for years. This was until the Camry came out with a room for 4 trunk.

Besides a thirst for blood, Ogres also pursue quieter activities, like cooking and sewing.

Like the Yeti, Ogres do not care for their photo to be taken. Please see above example of an Ogre "at home." Ogre's employ the use of their sewing skills by making things like curtains, and pillows for their homes. To make it more comfy after a hard day whipping slaves and gnawing gristle from the bone.

One final bit on Ogres, they actually do have children. They are very protective of their brood, and often keep them in the home until they are less scrawny and are able to protect themselves.

With this handy knowledge you should now be able to spot the elusive Ogre and his family.


sae said...

Wow! Great pose. It replicates almost exactly that famous clip of a bigfoot running through that creek in the northwest a few years ago. don't have one of those gorilla suits laying around the house do you? :)

p.s. I'm sorry about using the work 'creek', I should have been more thoughtful and used 'stream'.

sae said...

I intended to type 'the word creek'

Anonymous said...

Now I really want a donut.

Does this mean I'm an ogre?

Holly Bee said...

Are you thirsty for blood, but too lazy to get it? Will a donut fill the empty spot where a soul should reside? Then yes, you may be an ogre.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm not an Ogre. <.< >.>

carter said...

he needs to watch out for john lithgow.