Monday, September 11, 2006

I found religion?

Siriusly. Haha! That's a joke. We got Sirius satellite radio for our anniversary! Yeah, it's totally programed from behind the veil by Sirius Black and sent in through satellite.

Last week I said I was going to be picking up soda cans from the side of the road to pay for preschool and now we are paying for satellite radio? You try finding a station that comes in south of Portage and see if you can get anything. I was actually listening to a station out of Florida last month! Florida, yes, Florida. But stations remotely local just bounce on past our house. People in Georgia are probably being tortured by the 103.3 morning show. I used to get NPR but that was only in the mornings and if I stood on one foot leaning north and holding onto a can of Diet Coke. The Diet Coke part was fine, but it's hard to make school lunches when leaning.

Ah, speaking of school, school kicks butt. Yes, school beats down the strongest and makes them weak, which I think leads to better learning, or brain washing.

Here are the activities that wear Harry out in a week. Snack helper (sorry Carina, public 1st grade has snack too, Eric made chocolate chip chocolate muffins), gym, lunch, recess, gym, open house, pictures, art, music, speech, oh and reading and learning. That's all week, not one day.

I have also volunteered to woman the PTA info table for a 1/2 hour for Tuesday's Open House. Which is funny because I don't think I have any knowledge about the PTA. I am trying to be an active part of the school. It's hard, but I am trying. I really just want to serve sloppy joes and wear my fancy apron made from Grandma Winter's (Meemaw's) Mom's pattern. That's right, I want to have cool fashion at a PTA event.

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