Sunday, September 17, 2006

I am Zombie, Hear me ROAR!

Yep, we went to South Haven, on bikes, yesterday. We didn't run into or get run over by the Kalamazoo Bicycle Club's annual ride to South Haven and pot luck. But I was in near constant fear of aggressive bikers in lycra toting crockpots. It seemed like a reasonable fear at the time.

So, you may be wondering, how far did you two fools ride? It was 36 miles of me chatting at my Dad. Yep, I can talk and ride my bike slowly for 5 hours straight. Well, we did take a break and have lunch in South Haven. I took Dad to Fish Tales right on the Black River. I had a Blue Hawaii, and food, and Dad had a tasty burger.

The weird part dad is a bike celebrity! We parked our bikes on the secret bike rack near the deck, and were able to sit right by them. He must have talked to 10 people about his trike. He's like the best free advertising ever for Wiz Wheelz. Go to I know you are curious too! That's what his crazy trike looks like on the back of his little car.
Why is this post titled Zombie blah blah blah? I am beat down, reanimated corpse, drooling and begging for brains style tired. After going for a super long fun bike ride yesterday, I decided to haul 7 bags of mulch and do some landscaping. Why? So I could feel like I deserved the giant mug o' grog I was planning on having this evening while watching The Amazing Race and crocheting my pirate doll! Ah, grog!

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