Thursday, September 21, 2006

Harry will do it, I know it, He doesn't know how to fail

Ok, so I was watching Armageddon last night. It is so not a good movie. But "Harry will do it, I know it. He doesn't know how to fail" said by Ben Affleck is just too funny.

Here's another good quote from another movie I often get suckered into. "He's got his own demons, don't ya Johnny." Spoken by Bodhi, the Swayzmeister himself in the grand movie of football, surfing and manlove. What, you don't remember the football? Keanu is Johnny Utah my friends. Ah, Johnny Utah. Played college ball, messed up his knee. If anyone wants to send this movie to me on DVD for like my birthday, or just because it's weird for me to watch it on TBS with editing, that would be cool.

Oh dang, here's my most favorite ever, you know I love the zombies (sorry my sweet Ogre).

looking through Shaun's LPs for suitable records to throw at two approaching zombies] Ed: "Purple Rain"? Shaun: No. Ed: "Sign o' the Times"? Shaun: Definitely not. Ed: The "Batman" soundtrack? Shaun: Throw it.

Shaun of the Dead is the best. It is like Point Break, and then Harold and Kumar and Shaun of the Dead tie for the number one place in my heart for movies.favorite. I love it. If you have missed Shaun of the Dead, you are really missing out.

I actually dated a guy, Shaggy, who may have been the inspiration for Shaun in that movie. If only there was a zombie invasion and more beer, he might have been an ok guy.

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